Neuropathy and Fibromyalgia (Why Small Fiber may effects fibro painful?)

By: Dr Alex Robber

I have been trying to research a condition I have ripened the first of July 2016. I may have Small Fiber Neuropathy and Fibromyalgia. But I have no real answers and no real cure. I am looking for answers. I am looking for someone who may have experienced anything like this and maybe has some answers or some help.

I was an extremely sturdy male just over 40. I ran at least 4 miles every day, 7 days a week. I moreover lifted weights at a gym at least 3 times a week. I had been running 7 miles a day, 7 days a week and lifting weights. I only trimmed when the running considering I could never loose the spare tire vitals fat, and I read that long loftiness running may be counter-productive. That research recommended High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) exercise. So I was doing that for a few months; running 4 miles a day, but doing it in HIIT. My insane workout regimen began in 2007 when I was morbidly obese at 295 lbs and only 5’10” (we can say it was not muscle). I put myself on a nutrition and exercise program and lost 150 lbs in one year! I managed to alimony it off for the most part, up until July 2016.

I took a Teen Group to the Lake for a few days. I unfurled to run while I was there. But I felt a little fatigued. I thought maybe it was the unusual pollen in an unusual area. One the 2nd or 3rd day there, I decided to swim for an hour, instead of running for an hour. I am not a swimmer, per se, so I wore a Life Jacket to alimony me from drowning. Without the swim my shoulders were understandably sore. But I noticed a little pain or soreness in my neck, right overdue the ears and lanugo a little on both sides. And I felt somewhat disoriented, dizzy, loopy a little. My fatigue and soreness never went yonder (in fact, to this day).

I didn’t know what was wrong with me, maybe I was just coming lanugo with something. One of my teens mentioned that a swimmer in SC (where we are) had recently died from a brain-eating weak-willed contracted by lake water rushing up her nose. The symptoms? Sore neck, fatigue, dizziness, disoriented, etc. Everything I was feeling! Stuff on Adderall (more on that in a minute) I was freaking out! I could not get it out of my mind that I was going to die. I didn’t know if I had that Brain-eating Weak-willed or not; but I knew something was seriously wrong with me. I had to stop taking Adderall immediately, just to unlock my mind from that nightmare! When I got home a day or so later, I went to my doctor, who couldn’t see me for a week, so I went to the emergency room.

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The doctors there told me the likelihood me of having the Weak-willed was so slim, they wouldn’t plane trammels me for it. They basically told me to take some anti-inflammatory medication (Motrin or Aleve) and some decongestant. A month later, without taking several variegated kinds of decongestants and an antitoxin I got from my doctor, I was still no better. Pain meds could make me quit caring for a couple hours (which I unquestionably appreciated, considering this is a 24/7 condition, which was driving me crazy). I was sure I had something seriously wrong with me.

So, we started testing me for everything. Over the next 6 months I had several MRIs, CT Scans, unshorten thoroughbred workups, nerve conduction test, plane a spinal tap (which was the final straw that would supposedly tell me everything the was to know).The good news is, they didn’t find anything! Bad news was, they didn’t find anything! So, they gave me the “Fibromyalgia” diagnosis; which I finger is a “We just don’t know” diagnosis. They prescribed me Lyrica 3 times a day and Tramadol 12 a day (although my insurance will only pay for 8). It helps a little; but it’s really increasingly well-nigh managing my condition. Before Lyrica and Tramadol, I felt scrutinizing disabled; plane though I could walk and talk and move around.


I finger stressed all the time and if I do anything requiring any muscles (even something as simply as chewing), they start urgent immediately. Plane my stomach hurts digesting supplies and I unravel out in a full-body sweat. I can push thru it and alimony doing whatever I’m doing; but the increasingly work I do, the worse I feel, and I will start pouring sweat! Like a faucet! If I try to mow the lawn (which my wife and kids have taken over), I will just finger miserable for days. The pain in my neck on both sides, right overdue the ears and lanugo a little, are still sore (pretty much all the time, though sometimes it’s increasingly noticeable than others).

My shoulders still finger sore or increasingly like pressure throughout (pretty much all the time, though any work makes it worse). My forearms get tired really easy. When I’m lying in bed, if I hold up my cell-phone in front of my face, writhing a few seconds, my forearms start burning! They are unchangingly sore, stay sore. It’s sore all the may lanugo to my fingers, which finger stiff all the time (which may just be a side-effect of Lyrica, although I take a water-pill just to counter-act the swelling stupefy and I take Magnesium and potassium supplements as well considering I read they can help manage swelling). I worry well-nigh my hands. Sometimes it feels like I may be losing dexterity in my fingers. Expressly if I do anything requiring me to use my hands for long periods (like typing), my fingers will start burning; but if I push thru it, they start to get stiff, to the point of them scrutinizing not responding to my smart-ass telling them to move.

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It’s a very weird feeling! Also, when lying in bed (especially without walking a lot) my legs seem to finger somewhat numb. Not really tingling; but the kind of dis-associated feeling (the only way I can describe it). Like it feels like my legs are just a few inches off of where they are. Like slightly up and off to the side. Scrutinizing like something is lifting them or trying to lift them. I don’t know. I don’t really know how to describe it. It just feels off. It’s like when I sit still, my throne feels like it’s moving, plane when it’s not. That’s what I midpoint by qualms or loopy feeling sometimes. I should say it’s like the car-wreck feeling, when you’re Shell-Shocked. The increasingly work I do, the increasingly that Shell-shocked feeling sets in. My throne feels out-in-space. And inside I finger like my whole system is on fire. I don’t know how to describe it; but it feels like from my spinal-cord outward and lanugo each limb, there’s this surge of a summery urgent sensation and I just finger like something seriously wrong is well-nigh to happen. Like my soul wants to shut down.

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Did I pinch some nerves swimming on both sides or in the middle and it has pinched a nerve next to spinal string or something weird like that? My Neurologist said that pinched nerves wouldn’t present that way, on both side of the body. The likelihood was astronomical. I suggested maybe I had a whip-lash like injury from diving into the water (the teens and I were diving off a 10′ diving workbench the first day or so). Maybe the top of my throne compressed straight lanugo on impact and compressed/fractured a vertebra, maybe plane on both sides, or maybe plane pinching the spinal string or lacerating it (cause me to leak spinal fluid). The Spinal Tap showed my spinal string fluid looked good and had good pressure. So, the seem I am not leaking spinal fluid. Also, x-rays and MRIs didn’t show any fractures in the neck or spine. And only a little summery arthritis in the spine and no inflammation in my body.

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Maybe I have some Neurotoxic event? I take Adderall for ADD and Ambien for trouble sleeping. I had just started taking Adderall in 2016. So, I wonder if there’s a connection? Although, I stopped taking Adderall for a month and my symptoms remained. So I started back. I moreover stopped Ambien for a week or so, with no change. So, I started when on it as well. But I don’t know if that ways they are for sure, not to blame? As I write this, I am considering stopping both at the same time and see if there is any change.

I am leary well-nigh this, considering I really struggle sleeping without Ambien (which I have been on for well-nigh 6–7 years) and Adderall really helps me focus; so, having both of those issues, right now would be terrible! To have this condition AND not be worldly-wise to sleep and not be worldly-wise to concentrate and stuff groggy at the same time! Add to it, one of the reasons I went when on Adderall was that the Lyrica gives you brain-fog. So, the Adderall kind of counterbalances that. If these drugs have caused my condition, is it permanent? Meaning, will the condition remain, plane without stopping the meds? Have the meds or the combination of the meds, or the combination of the meds and some other event, have caused some sort of forfeiture to my system in some way?

I have researched and discovered that SMALL FIBER NEUROPATHY may rationalization Fibromyalgia. When looking at Small Fiber Neuropathy symptoms, I have every one! I mentioned it to my rheumatologist and he said, it wouldn’t make a difference considering it wouldn’t transpiration their treatment. Their basically just treating my symptoms, considering there’s no none cure for my condition. Expressly since there’s no none rationalization of my condition.

The only thing that showed up on all my test was slightly elevated ANA levels. Which could midpoint you have Lupus or Rheumatoid Arthritis? But they said there were no signs as of yet for them to worry well-nigh that.

The only thing that showed up on all my test was slightly elevated ANA levels. Which could midpoint you have Lupus or Rheumatoid Arthritis? But they said there were no signs as of yet for them to worry well-nigh that.



Author: Dr James Robber

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