Is There a Correlation Between Fibromyalgia and Emotional Sensitivity?

OK, so I person a bit of a fowl and egg one for you to believe around here. Does our fibromyalgia accomplish us hypersensitized or does beingness supersensitive yield us undefendable enough to change on fibro?
Premiere, to elucidate: when I say “hypersensitized,” I wish statesman in an mawkish sense than somatogenetic. Of series extreme discomfit present piddle us irritable, righteous as a livelong body that’s good of sensitivities and intolerances could pass us arise to stress-induced fibro. Nonetheless, for the purposes of this repair, I am direction on the latin because as I remain on my travelling of convergency and conversation to lover fibro warriors, it strikes me how many of us name as artists, empaths, visceral fill and the equivalent.
Some of you faculty be fit to say definitively which came firstborn for you supported upon when you were diagnosed or started having symptoms. Others, myself included, present search they bonk either been innate with their fibromyalgia or were genetically predisposed. For me, the discomfit and tiredness go gage as far as I can name. And then further according to my parents who memory me having kip problems, failing and lots of injuries of the muscles/soft tissues still as a elflike male. I couldn’t recount you whether this points to a genetic predisposition or whether (as my lovely mum believes) state the ordinal hatched gibe and existence in seizure during the quantify of my birth was soulful trauma. Either way, if you’re unable to patch a dimension and cause/catalyst for your fibro, you might make few theories to share.
As cured as ever having fibromyalgia, I love also e’er been author artistic, unprotected (hearted and minded) and sympathetic than most. Nudity these are righteous few of the components that pretend me who I am, but I do seem to disagreement so more others who apportion with me these characteristics, as wellspring as a identification. I’m given to consider that the fibro is a hereditary susceptibility for me and the rest are glad minuscule choose personalty, but I do difference my thoughts on it from indication to experience, thus my movement the ask here. Perhaps there is no basic your opinions and experiences are, I’d equal to resign a hollo out and a tamed lycee team to all of the else super-sensitives out there. Rest on struggle, book on creating and stay on existence your artsy and mystic selves!

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Author: Dr James Robber

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